The case for $VT Vanguard Total World ETF

My all-time favorite ETF would have to be $VT. And it’s not even close. It’s the ultimate “total world” equity fund.

If you’re High IQ: you’ll know that the V in $VT stands for Vanguard, known for their super low fees, while the T stands for “Total”, as it includes 10,000 global stocks, including emerging markets.

If you’re Low IQ: you’ll prefer the S&P 500 (eg $SPY or $VOO) because you’re suffering from recency bias and home bias, on top of your general retardation. But the good news is that $VT consists of 60-70% of large-cap US stocks. So by owning $VT you’ll have all the S&P 500 stocks, but also a bunch of cool unknown companies from heavily discounted markets. $VT is truly the ultimate ETF to own forever.

So when:
– Your friends mention a rare gem of a stock, you can say “I have a tiny stake 😎 ”.
– Chinese EV brands go to the moon, you can say “I’m already a shareholder, tell me something new”
– Asian e-commerce stocks do a clean 3x, you can say “I’ve been holding that shit for years”

And you bet that this absolutely is investment advice. Because no one will go broke from buying and holding $VT. I’m unsuable (is that even a word?) recommending this. I mean that I’m unable to be sued. Actually, I guess I could be sued but I will win in court and the judge will applaud me for recommending $VT and shame you for wasting the court’s time.

So the next time your friends ask you what to invest in, consider doing the right thing and recommending them: $VT Vanguard Total World ETF. It’s a robust equity portfolio that’ll do a great job.

May 19, 2024

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