How I survive 12 hour flights

I have developed some tricks that have helped me survive long flights. Here they are, in case they might help anyone else:

  • Noise-canceling headphones
    I’m sensitive to noise so this is a life-saver. The engines on long-haul flights are way louder than on short-haul flights.
  • Offline playlist in Spotify
    Include tons of music and podcasts.
  • Pay for Wifi
    If you can afford it, pay the $30 or whatever it is for WiFi. It will be slow as hell, but it will be worth it. Do not buy those cheap “10MB” packages, as they will be used up fast.
  • Dress comfortably
    No jeans. Wear jogging pants or whatever you like. And bring a sweater, for when the plane gets cold
  • Shoes off
    I take my shoes off the moment I sit down in my seat. Having your shoes on that long gets uncomfortable.
  • Random toilet visits
    I go there even if I don’t need to pee. I just sit by myself, relax, and wash my hands for refreshment. Just to switch the setting around.
  • Books
    Load up your phone with EPUBs of books you’ve been wanting to read.
  • Free extra food
    If the meals they serve weren’t enough, just go to the stall (at the end of the airplane) and tell the stewardess that you’re hungry, ask for drinks, sandwiches, whatever you want. They will give it to you for free.
  • Bring snacks
    Buy a Big Mac before boarding the plane, and eat it whenever you want. Bring chocolate and other snacks.
  • Sit/sleep wherever the fuck you want
    If the plane is half-empty, go walk around and choose a new seat wherever you want. Like a window seat, or take three seats, put up the armrest and stretch out for a nap. Do not ask the stewards if it’s OK to switch seats, they might say no. But if you do it without asking, they won’t give a fuck.

February 15, 2021

by @aminozuur