How I’m friends with famous people (as a nobody)

I have a few friends who are famous.

I’m sometimes even very close with them.

A few of them trusted my judgment, to the point of calling me every day, telling their secrets, or asking me for advice.

How can that be? They’re famous and I’m a nobody.

When my ’normal’ friends found out that I knew a famous person, they’d ask me “How the hell do you know him?”

I noticed a pattern in my answer, because my answer is always the same.

“I knew him before he was famous.”

This pattern got me thinking. You see, when somebody’s already famous, they will have loads of people sucking their cock. It’s going to be hard for a random nobody to get a hold of them. Their DM’s are full of people who are trying to reach out to them. Even if you’re an incredible person, chances are, they won’t even give you a chance to let that be known.

Now, I’ve never made it my goal to be friends with famous people. I just want to talk to interesting people. Whether they’re famous is not a factor to me. If anything, it’s a bad thing because I don’t want to compete for someone’s attention.

But if you’re a nobody like me, and you want to be friends with famous people, the best way is to form a bond with people that are special in some way, before they become famous. In other words; you must be the type of person who
1) occasionally meets random new people
2) can recognize when someone is special
3) be interesting enough for them to want to engage with you
4) do this many times and then finally
4) wait and let the universe unfold

It’s almost guaranteed a few of them will become famous.

But you must be early in seeing that someone’s special. You must do it long before the rest of society has given them credit for it. Doing so after the fact does not count. There’s just nothing remarkable about seeing the value in someone once it’s visible to everyone else too.

So in a nutshell: If you’re an interesting person who can recognize valuable character traits in others, there’s a good chance those people will want to hang out with you. And eventually some of them could become famous.

Bonus tip:
If that doesn’t work for you, try just emailing the famous person. You’d be surprised how many of them email back, including billionaires. But make sure to use email and not another method. Because their Instagram DM’s are overflowing, and they barely give a second look at their Twitter replies. But every person pays attention to their email.

March 19, 2023

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