Breaking the stereotype

I really like it when someone completely breaks the stereotype that others might have of them. For example:

  • A black guy with face tattoos, who’s been obsessed with value-investing and maintains a blog covering his stock picks, sharing his fundamental analysis
  • A Saudi Arabian immigrant who sells drugs at techno raves in Amsterdam, and has a deep molecular and chemical understanding of each substance he sells
  • A Syrian refugee who developed a new method of growing strawberries, cheaper, faster, and cleaner, and shares it on his YouTube channel
  • A North Korean who escaped his home country, enter the West, and became a famous punk rock musician
  • A transsexual who works on an oil rig

Why do I like that? Because there’s always pressure to succumb to the expectations of parents, friends, and society in general. I respect people who carved out their own path, especially if they risked being alienated by others along the way.

February 5, 2023

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