I use this page to note my random thoughts. This page is updated frequently, and new thoughts are not added at the bottom but wherever I think they belong. I may have unknowingly plagiarized some quotes, sometimes I forget whether it’s my own original thought or whether I’d read it somewhere before. If so, please contact me.

I’d kill for a guaranteed & eternal 8% yield with zero volatility.

If you lie about me, I will tell the truth about you.

Children are always innocent.

I wish there was a Spotify for books.

Many things are more expensive due to better marketing, not superior quality.

School promotes herd mentality, and is detrimental to original thought.

Sometimes, you have to lose today to win tomorrow.

To be a better communicator, listen.

Only boring people get bored.

School kills imagination.

Earlier-held beliefs are at an advantage simply because they were held earlier.

If you go on a trip with someone, 80% of the pleasure will come from the quality of the conversation, not the luxuriousness of the hotel.

A short vacation often induces more stress than it relieves. The alpha is in staying somewhere for a month or longer.

An attractive man thinks he’s too attractive to be in a relationship. An attractive woman thinks she’s too attractive to be single.

If you’re on long phone calls, make it a habit to clean and tidy up your house simultaneously.

Today’s memes are tomorrow’s reality.

The longer the email, the less likely it is to be read or replied to.

The best purchase is often the one we didn’t make.

Most people would rather say something that is false but raises their status, than something that is true but lowers it.

A powerful man protects the weak, while a weak man tries to dominate them.

Your ex is not a narcissist.

No tattoos is the new tattoos.

Get a bidet spray and use it.

Guys want to be a girl’s first. Girls want to be a man’s last.

To stick to your values and principles, you must surround yourself with people who share them.

Your desire to get rid of suffering will only make it stronger.

Buy everything you need but little of what you want.

I prefer honest negativity to fake positivity.

You should have self-esteem, but the source of your self-esteem is equally important, don’t get it from things that are destructive or immoral.

If you’re going to roast people, target folks who are more respected than you, and aren’t already being mocked by others. Don’t be a coward who only goes after easy targets.

Most stock picking is more a personal hobby for nerds, and less about outperforming.

If someone says something sensible and backs it up with logic and facts, then it doesn’t matter whether it’s said by a homeless person or a billionaire. Real recognize real.

I don’t need anything fancy to be happy and I’d never pursue something serious with a girl who does.

Most people can’t tell an original Van Gogh painting from a $2000 copy. Wine experts repeatedly fail to differentiate the “better” wine during blind tests. This result replicated many times all over the world. Many things are just people trying to signal their status, to look sophisticated in the hopes of being loved and respected. Once you unplug from this nonsense, a more meaningful life may start.

Most showers are unnecessary, and only done to avoid feeling ashamed when going into work. If you’re free, you can shower just 3x a week and be just fine.

Money is like your life energy. And it can be converted into other people’s life energy. Debt is when you magically pull years’ worth of your future life energy into the present.

Identity is who you are, not what you have. Identity is what is left of you after everything that can be taken from you is taken from you.

If responsibility was as attractive as height, there’d be almost no abortions.

Even when you find the perfect partner, you won’t automatically be in a good relationship with them. A good relationship has to be built together through a lot of communication and tons of deliberate decisions.

You will attract the highest quality of people by being vulnerable and unabashedly yourself. If you don’t feel you can be with a person, they’re not the right match for you.

If you like to lay in bed after a big meal, lay on your left side. It helps with digestion and feels more comfortable.

Women don’t just want a man with money, they want a man who is on a mission, who is driven by a purpose. They’d much rather have a man who they have to get down to relax sometimes than one they have to get out of bed and do something.

Many mundane activities are highly therapeutic; doing the dishes, ironing clothes, cleaning the floor, and walking to the grocery store. While doing errands, your mind wanders, and processes recent events and conversations, crystalizing them in your brain and feeding you unexpected insights. Don’t outsource such tasks even if you can afford to.

You can buy certain items second-hand, use them for a couple of weeks and then sell them for the exact same price. It’s like a free rental.

Pressure is the enemy of pleasure.

People know truths on their own, but lie when in groups.

In reality, the “emotionally unavailable” guy is highly available to those close to him, and whomever he deems worthy of his attention.

You’re rich when you have the cash to buy a nice house in your area without a mortgage.

You should live your life as if karma exists. And understand that you have a karma-balance with each individual in your life. Try to keep your karma credits in balance, or at a surplus.

When I see a successful restaurant, I always assume that the owner had multiple failed attempts before but learned with each iteration and now finally got the pricing, the menu, and the location just right.

Imagine a sport wherein world-class celebrity athletes get crushed and outperformed by literal amateurs. That sport is investing.

Never feel shame for something you had no control over.

You should only feel proud about things that are directly attributable to your own actions.

I wish men had higher standards for women’s behavior and character, and lower standards for their looks.

Be extremely honest and direct from the very beginning. It avoids future problems.

If you learn something useful, it’s your moral obligation to share it with others.

A lot of the criticism against capitalism is actually criticism against corporatism (aka special interest groups bending rules in their favor).

Ideally, only married couples with children could vote. Childless people are not part of society’s continuation anyway. And the interests of single people can be indirectly represented through the votes of their parents.

Pseudocertainty is scarier than risk.

Many modern-day office jobs could easily be done by teenagers straight out of high school.

One should never have the “right” to things that involves other people’s labor.

What if introverts also feel energized from social interaction, but only with a select niche of weird people.

I feel like the universe is conspiring to help me, on the condition that I do cool things that benefit other people.

Relaxing doesn’t feel relaxing unless we first did what we had to do.

Girls who’re active on dating apps wrongly think they can attract high value men for marriage, when in reality they’re primarily attracting them for one night stands and situationships. The occasional fool who commits to her long term is not enviable.

The real downside of a failed business isn’t the financial loss, but how it can make you overly cautious in future projects..