The ergonomic mouse that saved my wrist

Have you ever had wrist-pain from using a mouse all day? I have. And recently it got a lot worse.

A while ago, my employer had sent me a shiny iMac to work from home. For security reasons, they required that I use it for work. Unfortunately for my wrist, this also meant that I would be stuck at a desk, whereby my hand and wrist would be in the same unnatural position for 40 hours a week. Gone were the days that I could freestyle around my room with my laptop, switching between my desk and my bed.

Within weeks, my wrist started to hurt. I was in pain every day. So I bought a vertical mouse.
The folks at Evoluent have been making ergonomic mice since 1994. Their websites is ugly as hell, and their branding is terrible. Yet they charge about $110 for a mouse. I had never tried an ergonomic mouse before, and I was afraid it would take me months to get used to it. But I desperately needed one, as I was in pain every day. I wanted to buy a product that had already withstood the test of time.
I looked for second hand ones, and I found one that fit my requirements. It was the¬†Evoluent VerticalMouse 4 Bluetooth.¬†I haggled the price down to $40 shipped! I figured I could easily resell it for more if I didn’t like it.

The upside of being a Middle Easterner is that you learn to negotiate everything from a young age. My mom even negotiates on prices in the supermarket, and she often wins. Can you believe that?

Bluetooth vs USB mini receiver
Bluetooth is far superior¬†to radio-frequency.¬†When there’s interference between the radio USB receiver and the mouse, there’s often lag and shakiness. I’ve experienced this even with expensive Logitech mice. Perhaps my desk is too messy or has too many peripherals on it. So Bluetooth is the way to go.

Now let’s get to the point: As soon as I first used the mouse, I was relieved to find out how easy it was to use. I was able to control the pointer just as good as my normal mouse, right from the get-go. Phew, my biggest fear was gone! Note that during my research, I read online that some people took weeks or even months to get used to it, so your mileage may vary.

As of now, I’ve been using it for about a week, so I cannot comment on the battery life. But overall I am satisfied with this mouse. And most importantly; my wrist pain is gone completely. From daily pain to no paint at all.

I will cherish this mouse for as long as I can.

Evoluent has been neglectful of their brand and their product for years now. Their drivers are incompatible with modern Mac computers. Their website and product photography is ugly. There are barely any YouTubers reviewing their products. They are leaving a hole open in the market.

Someone should create a much better experience. There’s a tiny company here that I wish existed. I can summarize¬†the business plan in one sentence:¬†“An ergonomic mouse that looks like it was designed and branded by Steve Jobs, for roughly half the price of an Evoluent”.¬†

So if anyone wants to explore this further with me, feel free to contact me. I have experience in designing physical products, branding and manufacturing.

August 15, 2020

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