How I overcame my hatred for small talk

When I was younger, I would allow myself to get sucked into the nonsensical small talk of excessively social people. But as much as I hated small talk, I loved having a real conversation.

So nowadays, whenever someone tries to have small talk with me, I quickly divert from the nonsense topic and ask my interlocutor about something that we both might find interesting. Because I no longer feel I’m forced into it, I no longer hate it.

There are generic questions that you can ask new people, which often lead to interesting stories.

If you’re at a friend’s party and a stranger is trying to make small talk with you, you could ask them
“Where do you know our mutual friend Kelly from?”
“Did you meet her new boyfriend yet? He’s a cool guy! He explained how mRNA vaccines work in a way that finally made sense to me.”

Boom. Now you’re talking about something interesting. It’s usually just a matter of time before you find a topic that interests both of you.

Small talk is used by normies just to spark up a conversation. Just make sure it’s quickly converted into something more potent. And if all else fails, you can always walk away.

May 12, 2021
by @aminozuur