Harf Videochat

I built a simple videochat platform, it’s called Harf. It allows anyone to create a room to broadcast video to people who can watch. All the rooms are listed on the front page. The next step is to add chat, so that users can interact with the people on camera.

Update: After Harf launched, many users from all over the world got addicted to the platform, and used it all day to videochat with each other. I had to upgrade servers several times, to accomodate the terabytes worth of traffic and live videoprocessing. When Harf launched, it was still full of bugs that we fixed every day while adding new functionality. Harf closed a few months after launch, because to maintain the growth of a project like this, I would need at least one million USD and a small team of incredibly smart hackers. I reached out to a few investors in the Netherlands, with no success. At the time (2016) I was too incompetent and unmotivated to pursue this more seriously. To this day, I still believe a platform like this, if executed well, could be very succesful. Billions of dollars are just waiting to be made.

November 25, 2016
by @aminozuur