For my older brother Sam (the architect) kindly visit eftegarie.nl

Hello. My name is Amin Eftegarie. I live in the Netherlands, though I spend a lot of time in other countries. Most people use their About-page to list their most impressive achievements. As an antidote to bragging culture, I will instead note a few random things about myself:

  • I’m a lifelong learner and I love to follow my curiosity, wherever that leads me
  • I’m inspired byĀ people who come from the gutter
  • I’ve been a volunteer contributorĀ on Wiktionary and Wikipedia since 2015 (despite disliking the platform)
  • I had a messy, fucked up childhood, and due to that, IĀ dislike normies andĀ find most people unrelatable
  • I am in favor of free markets, andĀ freedom of speech